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Your New Prime Minister is a political satire project. Tooty Galore is a collectivee research character based on public expectation of the Perfect Prime Minister of UK. Tooty represents all "the best" things British government tries to protect from the evil world outside the Kingdom. Tooty Galore is making public appearances in pubs and civic Centres around the country. The project is film based and more episodes are coming soon.

"On the topic of Immigration, which for some reason is so much discussed today. I went to my local laundry shop and that nice Romanian lady asked me: “Miss Tooty, would you send me home after Brexit?”, I replied that we want and we will keep all the good immigrants here and all the bad ones will have to go home"

-Tooty Galore, Evening Slandered, June 2018


Rita Does Britain is a series of short films based on discovering pre-Brexit Britain, questioning values, and the common dynamics in modern British society.

Rita Hoevich is a fading celebrity of the imaginary Raduga Republic known by the reality show, “The Wife Beaters”. As a new spin in her career she reinvents herself as an intellectual TV presenter. She travels to the UK in order to make a documentary and to figure out what the country that has been making the news for the last couple of years “is all about”. British art, culture and progress, Royal Family, politics, the mentality of oh-so-very British people, and of course a very British Brexit are her subjects of interest which she explores interviewing real people she meets through her adventures.      

Global Brucification is an ISM project, that represents a social movement based on Bruce Willis character John McClane from Die Hard. Working together with professional wrestlers from Lucha Britannia School of Wrestling I created a movement that focuses on public vigilance and originally was created to combat widespread violence and crime in Bethnal Green, London. Brucification originally trained members were allowed to make citizen’s arrests for violent crimes. Brucification Sentinels patrol the streets and neighborhoods at night, but also host monthly shows to sustain organization financially. Members of the team provide workshops for citizens and teach how to protect themselves from criminals. Apart from public vigilance idea, Brucification is a proper phylosophy that chant ideas of fearlessness, self-sacrifice and resistance. Brucification Sentinels still exist today, spreading ideas of the movement.

School of Torture is a satiric project criticizing British Education system in a parodic way. It shows all the problems modern students have to face through the lens of sadistic practises, to express the vital problems every young person faces all the way through education process. School of torture is divided into two parts – Introductory film and a board game any person can print out and play, experiencing the torture of modern education step by step.