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Congratulations, you’ve found yourself on the site of the elegant and fabulous Ms Maria Der! Creative concept designer by day and satirist by night. Artist, designer, technician, lateral concept thinker and all-round force for good in an ever-changing world.


But it wasn’t always that way….


The 1990’s was decade of extreme turbulence for the scarred and battered component parts of the former Soviet Union. Chaos reigned supreme but from the midst of it emerged a brilliant child. As she made her way in the world, doors opened and those that didn’t, she kicked down.


Having exhausted the educational possibilities of her native land, she made her way to London Town where she entered the halls of premier arts university Goldsmiths. Parked in the middle of the teeming inner city district of New Cross, the area informed much of Ms Der’s evolution into a Londoner.  


Armed with a BA and Masters from Goldsmiths, Ms Der is both passionate and hard-working in every avenue she ventures down. Part classically trained artist and designer; part inquisitive auto-didact – she even taught herself perfect English as a pre-teen listening to Lou Reed and David Bowie records.


Ms Der has a firm hand on the intricacies of technique and execution. She is highly competent in Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign which she skilfully uses to complete a wide range of design projects.  


Capable of delivering on a range of briefs on time, every time, she has also embarked on a number of ongoing personal projects encompassing a series of films, critical projects, design postcards, movie posters and notebooks.


However, don’t take my word for it. All the evidence you need is within your grasp through the pages of this site. Have a wander around and marvel at the ideas and wonder bursting forth from the pages. 

- Dr. Ozymandias DiFontaine

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