I am a creative concept designer with a wide range of skills. I am interested in approaching and influencing audience through visual medias and create projects that truly make difference and reflect on modern reality. I have extensive experience of designing and executing successful, visionary projects. Working on multidisciplinary projects, I developed my critical and design thinking. That enabled me to design and execute visionary successful, forward-thinking, cutting-edge creative projects. I enjoy meeting clients, representatives and potential business partners presenting my ideas and negotiating grounds for collaboration. As a working designer, I do love the process of creating as much as I love to see ideas embodied into a real life projects. I find excitement and passion in my work and I dedicate all my time, creativity and life powers to that. I have also built up my competencies in Adobe Premiere Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign through the commercial work I have delivered for companies and self-led projects. I have experience in developing my own brief as a designer and turning that into existing projects, such as series of films, critical projects, series of postcards, posters and notebooks. I am a hard working individual, focused of meeting and exceeding the brief within agreed deadlines. I am a passionate concept developer, researcher, maker and designer waiting for your email.